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Android OTG 3V auto swiper and clicker

$70.00 $199.00

Android OTG 3V " Auto Swiper & Clicker"

  • For Android phones with OTG USB "ONLY".
  • Very easy to use.

This device has a mouse, select button, play/paus button, and speed control key. It is connected to USB port of your phone. You use the mouse gear to position tapping point and swiping range, once done the positioning, just press the play button to run repeatedly. "MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE SUPPORTS OTG USB".

If you already bought the "Kenz Box HF1220" please email us your order number at to get 30% off the new OTG device. After we receive your email, we will send you a discounted invoice for payment to complete the order. 

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